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Know what you breathe.

Good 0-50

When the AQI level (air quality index) is below 50, people are breathing fresh, clean air.

Unhealthy 201-300

AQI level between 201-300 is considered unhealthy and can cause vairous health issues for all age groups.

Moderate 51-100

AQI level between 51-100 signifies an acceptable level for a healthy adult but may still pose a threat to sensitive group.

Severe 301-400

With AQI levels reaching severe, the deadly air pollutants are making their way in your lungs causing you severe discomfort and health issues.

Poor 101-200

With AQI levels between 101-200, the poor air quality can affect people’s health and cause discomfort to people with heart diseases.

Hazardous 401-500

Hazardous level can cause long term disorders like Lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema etc.

Real-time air quality in different cities around the world.

New YorkUnited States

37 AQI (IN)


35 AQI (IN)

LondonUnited Kingdom

16 AQI (IN)


11 AQI (IN)

JohannesburgSouth Africa

29 AQI (IN)

New DelhiIndia

103 AQI (IN)